We are hands-on in every aspect of our business, growing all our tamarillo trees from seed, harvesting by hand and creating our tempting products in small batches, we use simple fresh ingredients to capture the taste of the orchard.  Not a preservative or additive insight.

We are the quintessential small orchard business, our friends have enjoyed our homemade products for years, they have always said ‘you’d be silly not to sell this stuff’... so here we are. After years of this carry on from friends we started Fruit Fusion in 2017 with small beginnings selling directly to our customers at local markets. Demand and growth have been phenomenal, especially for our best selling Tamarillo and Orange Balsamic - turns out our friends were right!

It's a pleasure to share our families tasty treats with you! We know so many of our Tasty Tamarillos customers are talented bakers and preservers with grandma's famous recipe! but some aren't inclined to get the preserving pans out, so we have done the hard work for you with our grandma's recipe, and a few of our own.