About us

Our adventure began in 2010 when we moved to our gorgeous orchard in Maungatapere, Whangarei.  We took great pride in the beautiful flavourful fruit we grew and sent off to the wholesaler.  Each time we walked into a supermarket we would check out the tamarillos and wonder if it was our fruit for sale. 

However, over many cups of tea we soon realised two things were missing, we had no connection with the people enjoying our fruit, and it bugged us that our fruit was not enjoyed at it's best - straight off the tree.

We started going to local markets with our fresh fruit and products, and supplied some fruit to our friends who had set up Tasty Tamarillos.  Customers returned week-after-week to the markets, we loved the connection with our customers and feedback that we had grown something special and full of flavour. 

Our friends that were running Tasty Tamarillos embarked on a new adventure growing Seville Oranges (check out their Facebook page) and we jumped at the chance to take over the reins of Tasty Tams. 

So here we are, living the dream.

Grant and Emma, and Max the dog